12 - 13 June, 2019 | Pullman Melbourne Albert Park, Melbourne, VIC

Pre Conference Workshops: Tuesday, 12th June 2018

Workshop A

10:45 am - 12:45 pm Applying Customer Centred Design Principles to Drive a Shift in Operating Model and Achieve Greater Efficiencies in the Planning and Launching Phase

Peter Tow - Director, Project Management Office, Fiance and Resources University of Western Sydney
Getting buy-in from your executive management, driving client satisfaction and bringing your team along on the journey are critical to the success of any transformation. It is also often the source of much consternation and the reason why some projects fail. Customer Centred Design presents an opportunity to collaborate and build a better understanding of your stakeholders and uncover their priorities to ensure a fool-proof strategy for change.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding the principles of Customer Centric Design and how they can be applied to improve efficiency in a Shared Service Environment
  • Learning how to effectively collaborate with stakeholder from clients to executive management
  • Creating opportunities for feedback and leveraging this for continuous improvement

Peter Tow

Director, Project Management Office, Fiance and Resources
University of Western Sydney

Workshop B

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm The Perfect Storm: Finding the Right Balance between Cutting Edge Technology, People Equation and Operating Model to Drive Meaningful Savings for the Business

Dhiraj Cherian - Chief Financial Officer Panasonic Automotive (International)
Not all cost savings have the same impact on the business. And it is not uncommon for the cost of change to outweigh the cost savings generating, contrary to packaging by third party consultants. For example AP automation could generate savings of 80% per invoice. But the cost of change may not make it worth it and its business impact could be miniscule. It is important for Shared Services leaders to be smart about their transformation projects. You need to look at the big picture and the real value generation when planning your transformation. This workshop is aimed at equipping participants with the insight to ask the right questions in outset so that you can plan and execute transformational projects that add real value. It will enable you to derive greater actual savings vs. perceived savings whether its automation, a new ERP, people transformation or outsourcing.

Learning Objectives:
  • Investigating real value Vs. perceived value when it comes to process transformation
  • Asking the right questions and not getting swept up in third party packaging
  • Effectively translating processes for Shared Service transformation
  • Leveraging data for smarter decision making

Dhiraj Cherian

Chief Financial Officer
Panasonic Automotive (International)

Workshop C

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm Extracting Greater Value and Exploring the Frontiers of your Shared Services

Jean Claude De Vera - Vice President, Business Services LafargeHolcim (International)
This workshop will address 5 different areas that you can improve, tweak or transform to extract greater value from your shared services. It will weigh the pros and cons so you can plan your next course of action. This session is tailored for different maturity levels and operating structures. The facilitator will speak from his vast experience of working on various initiatives in GBS. It will focus on all enablers of the Transformation Journey from Strategy to Execution: the Governance and the Scope, the Service Delivery Model (Captive vs Outsourcing, Nearshoring vs Offshoring,..), Data and Process Standardization, Automation and Technologies, People engagement and Innovation.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Ensuring the governance and controls are in place for the Transformation Journey
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of each of these strategies for your company and your shared services
  • Identifying opportunities to improve your shared services by top down and bottom up innovations
  • Understand other things to be prepared for including the future Service Delivery Models !

Jean Claude De Vera

Vice President, Business Services
LafargeHolcim (International)

Workshop D

9:30 am - 11:30 am Piloting a Low Risk, Low Cost Robotic Process Automation Project

Michelle Hannan-Brown - Manager Process Engineering Westpac New Zealand
Robotic Process Automation is gaining a foothold in the back office. A growing number of business are looking to automate processes as an alternative to outsourcing and offshoring – with a view of streamlining and increasing value added. This workshop will investigate how businesses can pilot a low risk project before they decide to roll it out.

Learning Objectives:
  • Selecting a process to automate: Something repetitive
  • Understanding how to apply RPA to the process
  • Deciding to work with a solution provider or to go in house
  • Strategies to maximise value: The benefits of an audit paper trail and time saving
  • Preparing the staff for the changes involved
  • Capturing ROI and planning ahead

Michelle Hannan-Brown

Manager Process Engineering
Westpac New Zealand

Workshop E

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Taking Your People On your Journey Up the Value Curve: Transforming Your Team’s Transactional Skillsets

Mat Croad - Group Financial Controller Beca
With the organization beginning a transformation 18 months ago by shifting gear from being country oriented to market and business oriented, the finance team has now been centralized from 3 countries. As you know it’s not all about the processes and that people are at the core of any transformation. This move up the value curve has called for the team to evolve from a transactional role to an advisory role. This session will explore how to transform their skills and shift their mindsets to embrace and excel in their evolving roles. It will highlight the importance of leadership in ensuring its success.

Learning Objectives:
  • Reframing how your team approach their day jobs
  • Creating a narrative to foster the cultural shifts
  • Developing consultant-free training and coaching
  • Is there a way to measure progress?

Mat Croad

Group Financial Controller

Workshop F

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm Driving Innovation and a Culture of Continuous Improvement in SSO

Melissa Hankinson - Deputy Director, Quality and Service Improvement University of Canberraa
Continuous Improvement is an integral part of the SSC/GBS journey and as your center grows CI becomes harder and harder to achieve. This workshop discusses the following:
  • Using Lean to save $$ on your back office processes
  • Creating ongoing efficiencies and productivity within your center
  • Building a continuous improvement culture
  • Setting KPIs that drive continuous improvement
  • What tools should you have in your CI toolkit?
  • How do you get a mandate to tackle end-toend process, what does the business case look like?
  • Incorporating CI teams within a shared services function

Melissa Hankinson

Deputy Director, Quality and Service Improvement
University of Canberraa