13 - 14 June, 2018 | Melbourne, Australia

Owen Lange

National Client Services Manager
Civil Aviation Safety Authorityworths

3:30 PM Leading a Digital Transformation from the Unique Position as a Service Provider and Regulator in an Industry that is Being Disrupted

CASA occupies a unique position as a government regulator and service provider (to manned and unmanned aircraft) which adds an extra level of complexity to the new digital transformation program. This has been initiated as a result of changing customer expectations. The outcomes are critical as they inevitably effect air safety. To add to the equation the industry is being disrupted by the proliferation of unmanned drones, and they have to deal with the challenges of implementing reform as a result. This session will delve into the challenges of navigating these 3 levels of complexity when leading digital transformation.
  • Balancing the 2 roles of Regulator and Service provider when developing a digital transformation strategy
  • Engaging with a changing industry and ensuring that services are customer centric
  • Navigating change in a public sector agency that has gone through minimal change in the entirety of its existence

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Owen.

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