13 - 14 June, 2018 | Melbourne, Australia

Michelle Hannan-Brown

Manager Process Engineering
Westpac New Zealand

Senior Project Manager responsible for leading and delivering diverse change initiatives from inception to delivery.

Experienced in using key change methodologies including Lean, Six Sigma and SMART.

1:40 PM Harnessing Intelligent Automation: Moving From Concept to Scale and Navigating the Associated Challenges

This session will explore the scope of IA in SSO.
  • The technology is proven, proof of concepts completed – what’s the next major hurdle?
  • How to bring the technology to scale: Buy vs. build – what is the decision tree? Is it a binary choice or is there a hybrid approach?
  • What is your data strategy and how does it enable your IA strategy?
  • What are the geopolitical, social and ethical considerations of automation?

9:30 AM Piloting a Low Risk, Low Cost Robotic Process Automation Project

Robotic Process Automation is gaining a foothold in the back office. A growing number of business are looking to automate processes as an alternative to outsourcing and offshoring – with a view of streamlining and increasing value added. This workshop will investigate how businesses can pilot a low risk project before they decide to roll it out.

Learning Objectives:
  • Selecting a process to automate: Something repetitive
  • Understanding how to apply RPA to the process
  • Deciding to work with a solution provider or to go in house
  • Strategies to maximise value: The benefits of an audit paper trail and time saving
  • Preparing the staff for the changes involved
  • Capturing ROI and planning ahead

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Michelle.

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