12 - 13 June, 2019 | Pullman Melbourne Albert Park, Melbourne, VIC

Dhiraj Cherian

Chief Financial Officer
Panasonic Automotive (International)

9:20 AM Keynote Interview: How to Be an Effective Shared Services Leader Today

There has never been a more exciting time to be a Shared Services Leader with new technologies and automation paving the way for greater cost savings. However the internal and external pressures continue to demand more of you as a leader. This panel discussions brings together Shared Services leaders at different points in their transformation journeys, with the aim of delivering a holistic perspective on what it means to be a shared services leader today and tip and advice on being more effective.
  • Investigating the importance of the right governance and controls before embarking on a transformation journey
  • Should you or shouldn’t you engage with a consultant and avoiding being swept away by fancy third party packaging
  • Leading effective process translation

1:30 PM The Perfect Storm: Finding the Right Balance between Cutting Edge Technology, People Equation and Operating Model to Drive Meaningful Savings for the Business

Not all cost savings have the same impact on the business. And it is not uncommon for the cost of change to outweigh the cost savings generating, contrary to packaging by third party consultants. For example AP automation could generate savings of 80% per invoice. But the cost of change may not make it worth it and its business impact could be miniscule. It is important for Shared Services leaders to be smart about their transformation projects. You need to look at the big picture and the real value generation when planning your transformation. This workshop is aimed at equipping participants with the insight to ask the right questions in outset so that you can plan and execute transformational projects that add real value. It will enable you to derive greater actual savings vs. perceived savings whether its automation, a new ERP, people transformation or outsourcing.

Learning Objectives:
  • Investigating real value Vs. perceived value when it comes to process transformation
  • Asking the right questions and not getting swept up in third party packaging
  • Effectively translating processes for Shared Service transformation
  • Leveraging data for smarter decision making

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