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Shared Services & Outsourcing Week - 2017 Agenda

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Reinventing the SSO to become a strategic and influential business partner

In 2017, SSOW has tailored the program to three tiers of scope:

  1. Those with limited scope and resources who would like to achieve basic and functional shared services to drive efficiency and cost reduction;
  2. Those with slightly more scope who are focused on process excellence and a minor amount of outsourcing; and
  3. Those who have the sky as their limit, expanding their SSO and pushing the limits to enter the dynamic world of robotics

With more than 60+ speakers, the 2017 Agenda is jam-packed over 4 massive days of information sharing, learning and networking with SSO professionals from across various industries. It is our largest SSO event to date!

View the 2017 for full session and speaker line-up!

Exclusive Content

SSON’S Annual State of APAC Shared Services Report 2017: Back to Basics: How are shared services across the APAC region meeting service fundamentals in the digital age?

In this report, we provide the honest, untainted answers you need to questions like: How are you best serving your customers? How do you measure your success? How do you charge for services? How do you resource most effectively? How do you set efficiency targets?

The answers to these questions also shed light on how you are taking advantage of innovations – and that is precisely the point. The framework for the customer-SSO exchange remains one based on solid, reliable, cost-effective, service delivery. What our survey shows is that today, while delivery is still about performance and excellence – the resourcing variable is changing dramatically.

The evolution of shared services: from 97 to now: Trends, tools and technologies that have shaped the Australasian shared services landscape

Ahead of Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Australasia 2017 (and to coincide with its 20th Birthday Celebrations), we’re taking a look back at the biggest business transformation achievements and trends over the past 20 years. 

During this time, SSON has interviewed and conducted research with a number of key influencers in the industry about some of the biggest success stories and lessons learned in Australian and New Zealand business transformation.

This report explores how a number of Australian and New Zealand organisations have responded to different trends over the years, and the biggest lessons you can learn from their journeys to date.

No matter what function, organisation, or process, this report aims to explore how you can learn where others have succeeded and failed to become more efficient, fast-paced and insightful in your own shared services journey. 

Can You Still Afford to Ignore Robotics? Why the Digital Workforce Is Your New Reality

One of the most notable trends in Shared Services delivery right now is that of robotic automation. It's also been interesting to chart the market’s uptake, or even understanding, of robotics from "don't understand/not evaluating" just two years ago, to "implementing or planning to implement," as per SSON’s 2017 State of the Shared Services Industry survey.

The evolution of shared services at the ACT Government: from 2007 to 2017

In this article, Graham Tanton, Executive Director,Shared ServicesACT Government explores the major lessons learned from the ACT Government shared services journey over the past 10 years and the tools his team is using to ensure their shared services team is a strategic business enabler.

SSON 2017 Global State of the Industry Shared Services Report: Back to Basics

For the next few years, the fundamentals will remain key in guiding your SSC strategy. And that’s why it’s important that this year’s survey provides the real, untainted answers that you need, now, more than ever.
Based on a survey of over 400 shared services practioners globally, this report explores: How are you best serving your customers? How do you measure your success? How do you charge for services? How do you resource most effectively? How do you set efficiency targets?

7 exciting shared services developments to be explored at SSO Week Australia 2017

With the 20th Annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2017 just around the corner, here are seven exciting developments organisations around the globe have realised as a direct result of rolling-out or evolving their current shared services models. Each will be explored in more detail at SSO Week 2017:

Why Global Process Ownership Can Deliver the Results You Are Looking For

The often quoted holy grail of shared services is Global Business Services – a model that, although defined in various different ways, is based on united, common leadership; standard IT platforms; and a global strategy.  Along with the benefits that the above confers, a key performance enabler of GBS is Global Process Ownership. But, just as GBS is not for everyone, and parts of its framework can be adopted by non-GBS teams, the strategic value of Global Process Ownership, too, can be widely leveraged.


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The Village of 100 Shared Services Centres

As of January 2017, SSON Analytics had identified 5812 Shared Services Centres (captive/hybrid) around the world. But what if the world was a village with only 100 Shared Services Centres? What would that look like...?


Tool-kit to driving whole of government approach to back-office transformation

SSON has put together a tool-kit to help government organisations succeed at back-office transformation and ensure a smooth transition to a new type of service delivery.
The tool-kit has been complied based on industry research and includes advice from government organsations at different stages of the transformation journey on how to improve efficiency and service delivery through transformation. Read on to find out more about how you can:
  • Decide on a fit for purpose operating model
  • Build the business case for change
  • Create an organisational vision for back-office transformation
  • Remove inefficient processes and focus on areas that deliver value
  • Put the customer at the heart of business decisions
  • Overcome challenges and roadblocks along the journey
  • Create a high performance culture to effectively facilitate change

2015 Annual State of the Shared Services Industry Report: The 5 Mega Trends Disrupting Service Delivery

This exclusive annual report from SSON provides insight into how 5 key business 'mega trends' are affecting SSOs around the globe: Process optimisation, Digital transformation, Data analytics, Automation, and New and evolving skill sets.

It documents and analyses the responses from 450 global and regional directors and heads of Shared Services, Finance, HR, Procurement and GBS, to SSON's annual state of the industry survey.

It’s time for HR to step up: How to drive HR as a strategic, value-add part of your business

SSON takes a look at how three organisations – BBPOS, ANZ and the Royal Automobile Club of WA – are transforming their HR functions to become more strategic and the strategies they are using to establish a culture focused on adding business value.

SSON State of the Industry Report 2016 Australian Results: How Are Australian Shared Services Taking Advantage of Five Influential SERVICE Drivers?

With much of the discussion around shared services evolution hinging on new opportunities that have only presented themselves in recent history, SSON wanted to know just how SSOs are positioning themselves to become more relevant and offer improved value in the near future. As a frame of reference, we identified five levers that present significant opportunities for added value, namely: People & Development; Data Analytics; Digitalisation; redefining “Value” itself; and Organisational Design.

SSON’S 2016 Global State of the Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry Survey Report and Analysis

With much of the discussion around Shared Services evolution hinging on new opportunities that have presented themselves in recent history, SSON asks practitioners how they are positioning themselves to become more relevant to offer better service in the coming years through 5 radical value drivers for 2016. 

Case Studies

Embracing collaboration and innovation to improve service delivery: Insights into Downer New Zealand's business transformation journey

In this case study, Rolf Siggard, General Manager of HR at Downer NZ, explores the core elements of Downer NZ’ business transformation strategy and the steps they have taken to overcome challenges along their journey to create a high performance culture to drive collaboration and improve services for its customers.

How the Australian National University is digitising administrative processes to drive organisational efficiency

In this case study, Lakshmi West, Director, Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre at ANU, shares how ANU built the business case for transformation, the core tools they are using to roll-out digital process improvements function by function and the key lessons other universities can learn from their journey to date.

Creating High Performance Teams to Improve Service Delivery

In this case study, Kate Stephens, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development at the Department of the Premier and Cabinet South Australia, explores the core elements of Shared Services SA’s business transformation strategy, and the steps they took to overcome major challenges along their journey to create a high performance culture which has improved service delivery and reduced costs across their organisation.


How to Train your Dragon: the Role of Automation in Shared Services ANZ Banking Group

ANZ Banking Group is a leader in the use of Robotic Proces Automation (RPA) in Australia. In this presentation from SSO week Australasia 2016, Simen Munter, General Manager, Group Hubs, ANZ, discusses their experiences and how they are further looking to use Design Thinking, Lean Management and RPA as integral parts of a broader intelligent automation strategy to create more collaborative and value-added roles for their people whilst creating clear benefits to customers and shareholders. 

The Service Value Chain and the Role of Shared Services and Outsourcing

In this presentation from SSO Week Australasia 2016, Mirjana Jovic, General Manager of Shared Services, Australia Post, details the beginning-to-end transformation story of Australia Post and provides key insights into her experiences with what worked and what didn’t for the Australia Post:

  • Transitioning non-traditional shared services activities into the shared services environment
  • Increasing visibility across the organisation, thereby removing bottlenecks and inefficiency
  • Process standardisation as a means to avoid erratic service levels Improving responsiveness by eliminating process and information silos
  • Driving cultural change in a challenging environment
  • Centralising a core-business need whilst providing improved customer service

How Metro Trains is Uplifting Management Capability through an Integrated Management System

In 2013, Metro Trains launched an innovative ‘Integrated Management System’, expected to deliver $20-30 million in productivity savings over the next 3-5 years. Their unique online tool is aimed at providing visibility across the business, thus uplifting management capability by enabling management to make faster decisions with accurate real time data and focus their time on problem solving and business strategy.

In this presentation from SSO Week Australasia 2016, Greg Curcio, Head of Organisational, Change & Transformation, Metro Trains, explores:

  • Moving from a siloed view around organisational structure to a horizontal view – changing the conversation
  • Reducing duplication by consolidating standards, policies and processes into an integrated quality framework
  • Educating management about the power of the tool: rigorous training, demonstrations, workshops and individual coaching
  • Long-term strategy to integrate the system into their ERP and potentially hosting the tool over the cloud to other transport providers

Implementing a Centralised Shared Service Model at QUU to Benefit from Economies of Scale

Queensland Urban Utilities provides services to 1.4 million through its $5 billion infrastructure network. They are currently in the 2nd year of a 3 year large-scale transformation journey, where they moved from a decentralised to centralised operating model and have cut down their shared services team by 50%.

In this presentation from SSO Week Australasia 2016, John Gearing, General Manager, Finance Shared Services, Queensland, Urban Utilities, explores:

  • Centralising all core transactional functions into a shared services team - AP, AR, GR, Payroll, Reporting, Fleet etc
  • Halving the SS team from 120 to 65 by implementing automation and other systems and processes to better manage work and the team
  • Drastically transforming billing processes from issuing bills 2-4 months after a meter reading to a new model where bills are issued 1-2 days after meter reading
  • Future goals: driving cost reductions and efficiencies through the 3 year transformation agenda and then focusing on lean concepts and continuous improvement

Hilton Case Study: Creating a Best- In-Class SSO Example to Roll-Out Globally

Traditionally, each Hilton Hotel has had its own in-house finance function, however as they expand it has became pertinent to bring finance processes into a centralised environment to benefit from standardised systems and processes.

In this presentation from SSO Week Australasia 2016, Neil Patmore, Regional Director of Finance, Hilton, explores this change and how the Hilton brand in Australia intends to make a best-in-class finance SSO example to roll out into APAC and then globally, including:

  • Centralising finance functions into the Sydney SSC – income audit, AR, AP, Payroll – to free up resources for strategic decision making
  • Reviewing and aligning processes such as procurement and GL and bringing in a document management system to go completely paperless
  • Moving to a business partnering role and adding value to the business
  • Future goal: holding amalgamated data to tap into and provide insights to the business, and rolling out their best practise example globally

How to Effectively Deliver HR Support to Over 200,000 Employees in Australia

In the last 18 months, Woolworths has undergone a massive HR transformation, with the transition of all HR support services and 270 staff to a new shared services centre in Brisbane in November 2015.

In this presentation from SSO Week Australasia 2016, Tanya Eales, Group Head of People, Service, Woolworths, discusses this new operating model, set to support Woolworths 200,000 employees as well as their existing HR CoEs and strategic business partners, including:

  • Moving all transactional HR processes to a centralised SSC in order to allow CoEs and HR business partners to focus on strategic, valueadd tasks
  • The challenges of building a brand new team from the ground-up
  • Identifying core competencies, deliverables and what services to enhance
  • Key pillars in people services: transitioning to a new model, developing people capabilities, delivering service, adding value, minimising business risk and enhancing services
  • Future goals: Getting the SSC functional/operational and focusing on driving a continuous improvement culture

National Media

Teachers Mutual Bank opens shared services to take on big four

Teachers Mutual Bank has realised the power in numbers by launching a shared digital services offering that allows customer-owned banks in Australia to enter vendor contracts as a group.

6 mistakes businesses make when automating their systems and processes

Major Australian organisations are increasingly turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve operational efficiency, productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.

MainStream Media

Evaluating Risk in Asia Pacific Shared Services Hotspots

What factors impact your decisions in choosing your new shared services centre's location? Or adjusting your global footprint? SSON Analytics' new interactive report provides a comparative analysis of natural hazards, social conflicts and economic risks across Shared Services hotspots within APAC.


9 Data and Analytics Trends That Will Dominate Finance in 2017

Finance leaders are fast re-evaluating their teams’ analytics skills and learning how to leverage these for the new era of data-driven decision-making.

5 Reasons You Cannot Wait Any Longer to Add RPA to Your Finance Operations

While technology has been a primary driver and enabler of performance across Finance, we have not yet seen it embraced as a modus operandi, as is happening.

Transformation Trends: SMAC. Social Media, Analytics & Cloud

The next wave of technology, promising a step change in results, is social media, analytics, and cloud - all combined into the snappy acronym SMAC. These three trends have been growing individually over the past couple of years; now, they are gaining strength through collaboration. Find out what SMAC promises - and how you can prepare for it now.

2015 Annual State of the Shared Services Industry Report: Australasian Results

How well are SSOs preparing for the five mega trends that are disrupting service delivery around the globe?

That's the question we asked our global SSON members in our Annual State of the Shared Services Industry Survey (if you haven't already seen the Global Survey Report you can get a copy here).

This report delves into the findings from Australasia and looks at what the challenges and priorities are for ANZ shared services organisations over the next 12 months.

The report covers the feedback we received from our Australasian members, with specific reference to the 5 'mega trends' that are disrupting service delivery:

  1. Data-analytics driven business intelligence
  2. Digital automation
  3. Customer-oriented services
  4. Optimised services
  5. New skill sets

APAC Business Transformation: 2015 Year in Review - A-Z guide to the hottest news, achievements, trends and developments in 2015

In the lead up to Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Australasia 2016, we’re taking a look back at the biggest transformation events, achievements and trends in 2015, with tips and insights from some of the most successful influencers and organisations driving change across the industry.

And it’s all summarised for you in this handy A-Z guide!

Driving Business Transformation in Banking through Digital Disruption

Hexaware has helped one of the largest Global Banks (hereafter referred to as 'The Bank') take a giant leap in the Digital and Robotics space. The Bank has more than 200mn customer accounts across 160 countries. Operating across various regional operation hubs in Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, the Bank was keen to explore Robotic Process Automation as a lever to make it's operations lean as well as meet the performance standards.

6 ways to improve the finance function

Performing sophisticated analysis of large volumes of data in real time enables CFOs to take informed business decisions.

The hidden treasure in tail-end spend

Many businesses do not optimise their tail-end spend, and as a result, the cost of invoice processing, combined with purchase and associated costs, often exceeds the value of the invoice itself.

Three steps to engineering a world-class financial close...standardise, automate, deliver

Siemens launched a project to "bundle" its regional infrastructure functions. The goals of this project were to improve efficiency, compliance and to standardise on a common set of processes.

Case Study: Origin Energy

Origin Energy had previously implemented a tool for data loading AR Receipts into Oracle. It did not give them the efficiency and validation benefits they needed. The tool consistently created errors and took a large amount of time to complete the processing.


Telstra’s Finance Transformation: A journey to excellence

In 2014 telecoms giant Telstra took home the ‘Excellence in Customer Service Award’ at last year's SSON Excellence Awards.

Ahead of the 2015 SSON excellence awards, Josée Lemoine, Director - Innovation & Business Performance, Sally Underwood, GM - Shared Services, and Scott Wilson, GM - Reporting, provides exclusive insight on Telstra's journey towards customer excellence and finance transformation.


Business Transformation 101:Tips from organisations at three different phases of the Shared Services journey

In this article, 3 diverse organisations at different stages of the shared services journey explore how their organisations are approaching business transformation to drive operational efficiency and the lessons learned from their journeys so far.

How one organisation achieved a 45% improvement in service through a whole of government shared service Lessons learned from Northern Ireland Government’s shared services journey

In this article, Paul Wickens, Deputy Secretary, CIO/CEO for ESS at the Northern Ireland Civil Service, explores the core elements of ESS’ shared services vision, the lessons learned from their journey to date and the major efficiency gains they have realised as a direct result of a whole of government approach to transformation.

Why Australian SMEs lead the world in leveraging shared services to support business priorities

Driven by high labour costs and increased competition, Australian small to mediumsized enterprises have heightened their focus on cost reduction and improved agility. Shared services has emerged as an effective channel for delivering against these expectations. The model is also proving helpful in assimilating acquisitions and supporting international expansion.

Developing global HR services at Lendlease

In this article, Melinda Stewart, Head of HR Services at Lendlease, explores how the company is developing a global workforce planning capability and the steps they are taking to overcome the challenges of managing a function that provides services globally from one location.

Top 20 mistakes to avoid when implementing shared services

SSON reached out to some of the biggest names in shared services and outsourcing globally, to get their take on the most common - and potentially most devastating - mistakes companies make when setting up shared service organisations.

The result: the Top 20 Mistakes Made When Implementing Shared Services. It’s literally a catalogue of errors - so just make sure you don’t order from this particular catalogue when it comes to your own great adventure… Ready? Then read on - and try not to wince too often…

Leading business transformation across functions to drive innovation: a case study on 4 different shared services journeys in HR, ICT, Procurement and Finance

In this case study, Woolworths, the Victoria University of Wellington, Microsoft (US) and Wellington City Council share insights into their business transformation journey to date and tips to help other organisations succeed in improving service delivery and reducing costs.

Driving business efficiencies through finance transformation at Monash University

In this case study, Nicole Tournier, Director of Finance Strategy at Monash University, shares her insights into the steps her team took to improve operational efficiencies, move finance up the value curve and the lessons learned along the journey so far.

Where are you on the shared services maturity roadmap?

Whether you are at the pre-Shared Services stage, or a mature practitioner, your strategy will be continuously evolving, driven by internal maturity and readiness and well as external market forces around new technology solutions or BPO offerings. To help you identify where you are and what you should be planning for next, we have put together a maturity map below, and suggested thinking points for each stage.

4 councils into 1: how one organisation is creating a shared services hub in New Zealand

In this article, Channa Jayasinha, Manager Business Information & Technology at Wellington City Council, shares insight into the team’s current and future strategy, and how they have gone about developing a comprehensive roadmap for delivering ICT shared services to deliver savings and productivity improvements in the future.

How one university is achieving up to 25% cost savings through shared services

In this article, Wayne Morgan, Chief Financial Officer, Victoria University of Wellington, explores the core elements of the university’s shared services strategy, the results realised so far and tips for other universities who are also in the process of centralising back-office systems and functions.

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