12 - 13 June, 2019 | Pullman Melbourne Albert Park, Melbourne, VIC

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The preliminary agenda for SSOW 2019 is here! Make sure you download your copy to see what we have in store for you at the 22nd iteration, or request via email at enquire@iqpc.com.au

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Who attends SSOW? Download the past attendee list to view the job titles and companies of those who attended between 2017 & 2018!

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SSOW Past Presentation Packet

In lead up to SSOW 2019, we exclusively released a selection of past presentations from our 2018 event! Get your copy containing 90+ pages of insight from Telstra, QLD Shared Services, University of Western Sydney, eHealth Queensland, and Mirvac.

Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2018 Post Show Report

Didn't get a chance to attend SSOW in 2018? Or just want to review some of the highlights and recap what went down at the event? The post show report from the 2018 Shared Services & Outsourcing Week has just been released. Make sure you get your copy to see ...

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With over 120,000 members, the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) is the largest and most established community of shared services and outsourcing professionals in the world.  

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​NAB's new IT outsourcing model might have saved it from extinction

The National Australia Bank (NAB) historically relied on third parties for help with IT, but what that resulted in was the bank one day waking up with no internal tech capability.According to NAB executive general manager for infrastructure, cloud, and workplace Steven Day, the bank's outsourcing model led to quite...

Australian govt in outsourcing, shared services overhaul

Canberra is gearing up for a significant restructure of the Australian public service, which could see swathes of the government’s back-office services outsourced to the public sector or even sent offshore. The federal government, led by the Department of Finance, will officially begin implementing its first whole-of-government shared services scheme...

Is outsourcing still bad news? Is seems to be for Capita

For a business already struggling to improve its image, having one of your major projects described by MPs as a “shambles” is not the best advertisement.But for bosses at Capita – the company behind the London congestion charge, running the teachers’ pension scheme and collecting the BBC licence fee –...

Australian Taxation Office splitting up IT contracts

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will spend the next three years breaking up its IT contracts into smaller bundles. Written in a blog post on Tuesday, CIO Ramez Katf said the shift would allow the ATO to target its contracts better."This allows us to reach a wider market of specialist...

Why small businesses are outsourcing to South Africa

 While our cricketing relationship may have soured with the South Africans, our business dealings seem to be rising with Australian companies increasingly looking for alternative cheap employment options other than the Philippines. “For the past 18 months I have been using South Africans in Cape Town to help me with...


Balancing Agility and Governance to Effectively Deliver Customer Satisfaction

In this presentation from SSOW 2018 Lori Burdon, Director, Portfolio and Change, Queensland Shared Services, explores: Balancing the MOG changes with BAUKeeping the customer at the centreLesson learned and opportunities for improvement

Implementing and Evolving a Global Shared Services Centre

In this past presentation from SSOW 2018, Darren Fewster, Executive Director, HR Shared Services, Telstra, explores:Outsourced or captive modelLocation and establishment of Centre to support over 20 countries of operationTransition of work and training of CentreKey KPIs for the Centre and measuring success Identifying next steps: continuing to evolve the services...

Setting up a Shared Service in a University Context

In this past presentation from SSOW 2018, Peter Tow, Director, Project Management Office, Finance and Resources, University of Western Sydney, explores:  Leveraging co-design to get the necessary stakeholders on boardDeciding which functions to incorporate into the shared service, and which to leave with the departmentsAssessing the relative merits of a...

Rolling Out an Ambitious Technology Driven Projects without Compromising Business as Usual

In this presentation from SSOW 2018 Warren Prentice, CTO, eHealth Queensland. Explores: Looking at strategies to overcome the challenge of network shortcomingspartnering with other jurisdictions and collaborating with private partnersAddressing the dilemma of maintaining business as usual vs. rolling out large scale technical change programs: Strategies to avoid a duplication...

Developing a Scorecard to Track your Outsourced Centre’s Progress towards Normalisation

In this presentation from SSOW 2018, Jessie Wu, Financial Controller, Corporate and Shared Services, Mirvac explores:Creating a meaningful scorecard to track stabilization: Identifying key parameters and metricsEnsuring that the scorecard is aligned with your strategyEmbedding your scorecard into KPIs

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Why Global Process Ownership Can Deliver the Results You Are Looking For

The often quoted holy grail of shared services is Global Business Services – a model that, although defined in various different ways, is based on united, common leadership; standard IT platforms; and a global strategy.  Along with the benefits that the above confers, a key performance enabler of GBS is...

Can You Still Afford to Ignore Robotics? Why the Digital Workforce Is Your New Reality

One of the most notable trends in Shared Services delivery right now is that of robotic automation. It's also been interesting to chart the market’s uptake, or even understanding, of robotics from "don't understand/not evaluating" just two years ago, to "implementing or planning to implement," as per SSON’s 2017 State...

SSON’S Annual State of APAC Shared Services Report 2017: Back to Basics: How are shared services across the APAC region meeting service fundamentals in the digital age?

In this report, we provide the honest, untainted answers you need to questions like: How are you best serving your customers? How do you measure your success? How do you charge for services? How do you resource most effectively? How do you set efficiency targets? The answers to these questions...

State of The Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry: Australia & New Zealand Market Report 2018

SSON’s annual APAC state-of-the-industry report highlights the trends underpinning current shifts, identifies the ‘new, improved’ profile of the modern Shared Services team, and points to how SSOs are delivering more value by moving towards knowledge-based work.  Ahead of the 21st Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Australia, this report provides insight...

Examining 2018 Trends in ANZ Shared Services Centres

This interactive workbook analyses the results from ANZ respondents who participated in the 2018 State of Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry survey to examine the latest trends in ANZ Shared Services Centres (SSCs).Key Takeaways:ANZ has one of the highest percentage of SSCs supporting in-country or regional customers (77% total).62% of...

Redefining Skills and Capabilities for the Digital Evolution of Shared Services - From Transactional to Value Add

As Shared Services become more tech-enabled and move up the value curve, traditional core skillsets need to evolve, and leaders need to consider how to enrich their workforce to be more innovative and collaborative


eBook: 10 Analytical Techniques to Improve Business Processes

Organisations invest a lot of time and effort in mapping business processes, however rarely is process analysis approached with the same rigor.Optimum business improvement is a product of process analysis, not of process mapping alone.Download this eBook from PRIME BPM to learn the 10 key analytical techniques to achieve all...

eBook: Top 15 Process Attributes for Optimum Process Analysis

Learn about these Top 15 process attributes that will help you undertake proper and accurate process analysis to identify inefficiencies. To learn more about PRIME BPM, click here

eBook: Improve Productivity and Agility with PRIME

Being agile will help you respond swiftly to global political and economical changes, where being productive will make you profitable and efficient while addressing these changes.Learn how to be productive and agile to beat the competition and drive the customer and employee satisfaction in this eBook from PRIME BPM. To...


Improving Performance through Automation: R2R Insights for Shared Services

Typically, Shared Services Center (SSCs) automation initiatives have been undertaken to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Five trends for CFOs to watch

This whitepaper explores how analytics, robotics, next-gen cloud computing, cybersecurity, and evolving budget tools will shape tomorrow’s organizations

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Basware’s Purchase-To-Pay Cloud Solution

Procurement and finance departments can reduce wasteful spending and improve processes if they both use a single purchase-to-pay (P2P)\ solution. The challenges in both procurement and finance are similar, and they work with the same supplier base, but in many instances disparate systems prevent them from collaborating effectively.

5 Ways Embedded Procure-to-Pay Analytics Drives Business Performance

With vast amounts of data flowing through the procurement and finance departments every day, procure-to-pay (P2P) professionals are in a unique position to deliver critical information to the enterprise, if only they can unlock, aggregate, organize and analyze the data.

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2018 Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Post Show Report

Didn't get a chance to attend SSOW in 2018? Or just want to review some of the highlights and recap what went down at the event? The post show report from the 2018 Shared Services & Outsourcing Week has just been released. Make sure you get your copy to see who...