12 - 13 June, 2019 | Pullman Melbourne Albert Park, Melbourne, VIC

Conference Day Two: Thursday, 14th June 2018

8:30 am - 9:00 am Registration and Morning Coffee


9:10 am - 9:50 am Leveraging Data to Improve the Value of Your GBS: Looking beyond the Concept to what it Looks Like in Action

Jean Claude De Vera - Vice President, Business Services LafargeHolcim (International)
This session will investigate how GBS can better use its data to move up the value curve by generating greater savings and efficiencies across the various functions. It will investigate how your data investment will enable you to identify growth and performance opportunities through analytics and process or technological improvements. It will also give you better visibility on initiatives that are effective and those that aren’t working so you can extract more value from your GBS. This session will look beyond the concept of data an unveil what is actually looks like in action.
- Selecting the appropriate objectives and scope for the Data Journey
- What approach to use and what drivers to obtain actionable insights ?
- Leveraging this Data to find enterprise areas of improvement and savings
- What next? How to Push the frontiers of your GBS based on Data reliability

Jean Claude De Vera

Vice President, Business Services
LafargeHolcim (International)

9:50 am - 10:30 am Keynote CFO Panel Discussion: Strategies to Improve Finance Transformation across your Organisation

Mat Croad - Group Financial Controller Beca
Luke McConnell - Head of Transformation and Projects ANZ
In this panel, our CFO panel experts will come together to discuss which transformation strategies they’re employing in their own leading organisations, to help you benefit from their experience and expertise.
  • The current business climate driving finance transformation
  • The challenges faced by the CFO and the finance team
  • Business partnering – an essential for finance transformation
  • Moving up the value curve: Upskilling and
  • he required skill shift in the finance professional : Upskilling and reskilling

Mat Croad

Group Financial Controller


Luke McConnell

Head of Transformation and Projects

10:30 am - 11:00 am Morning Tea

Group 2


11:00 am - 11:30 am How to Effectively Centralize HR Shared Services Across 4 Businesses, 16,000 FTEs and 10,000 Volunteers
Laura Jones - Head of Shared Services, People and Culture UnitingCare Queensland
HR functions such as Learning & Development, Recruitment, Employee Relations, Workplace Health and Safety and HR advice and transactions have been centralized into a shared services model to improve efficiencies.

This session will investigate the journey, from building the road map, creating a library of offerings, designing the service centre and engaging with the business. The goal is achieving efficiencies by allowing people in the field to focus on delivery.
  • Creating a library of core offerings according to each of the centralised functions
  • Identifying the most suitable delivery model
  • Managing the shift to becoming a HR service centre
  • Building a good working relationship with the business and different stakeholders

Laura Jones

Head of Shared Services, People and Culture
UnitingCare Queensland


11:00 am - 11:30 am Benchmarking your Finance SSC with Industry Standards and Bringing it up to Speed
Matt Rowlands - Head of Shared Services – Finance Catholic Care
Catholic HealthCare’s Finance Shared Service is on a transformation journey to bring service levels inline and in the future surpass that of it’s peers. The roadmap is focused on introducing controls matrix, staff development, improving internal policy and procedures including going paperless, automation and additional projects both with and without IT touch points. 18 months into the project numerous enhancement projects are underway whilst also ensuring a keen focus remains on current key business targets.

This session will highlight the journey to date and the future roadmap for change including its experience in benchmarking and using the findings to draw up a roadmap for change.
  • Benchmarking with the industry: Leveraging whitepapers and industry working groups
  • Converting identification of gaps and opportunities into roadmaps for change
  • Managing culture – persistence and framing
  • Need for paperless prior to automation
  • Engagement at subordinate and Executive level and unlocking the value of social capital

Matt Rowlands

Head of Shared Services – Finance
Catholic Care


11:00 am - 11:30 am Case Study: Developing a Customer Centric MultiFunctional Business Centre from a Decentralised Model
Nigel McGarrick - Head of Business Centre Sydney Water
This session will explore the journey of building a multifunction business centre by bringing together Supply Chain, HR, Procurement, Fleet, Facilities, Concierge Services, IT and Business Services to deliver truly customer centric services in a highly unionized environment.
  • Putting the Customer at the heart of the business from Strategic, Core Business and Enablement
  • Change management: Engaging all stakeholders from employees, customers, shareholders and the union
  • Demonstrating value to attain union support
  • Measuring improvement by applying contact centre measures and customer satisfaction surveys

Nigel McGarrick

Head of Business Centre
Sydney Water


11:00 am - 11:30 am Panel Discussion: Benchmarking the Customer Centricity of Your Services: Eliminating Pain Points and Designing a More User Friendly Experience
Neil Padley - Head of Finance Woolworths
Jennie Milne - General Manager, Human Resources RAC
Customers, Users, Clients – regardless of how you classify them, are demanding more seamless, integrated and mobile services in their lives. This is translating into their working lives too as they expect the same level of services from the shared services. With these significant shifts it is important to ensure that your offerings continue to meet and exceed their expectations. Shared Service leaders across Australia and New Zealand are looking art ERP implementation to provide a single source of truth, investigating process simplification, improving the customer service of the onshore /offshore partners in a bid to improve user experiences. This session will investigate the steps taken towards customer centricity, benchmarking your customer satisfaction and explore suitable metrics, building engagement and promoting the positive impact of your services.
  • App Poll: How would you rate your customer service?
  • What are the current pain points in your customer journey and how to you fix this?
  • Identifying key metrics and measures of success: Does NPS score work?
  • Discussing strategies to build engagement with your customer to improve service delivery
  • Understanding and effectively communicating the value of your work to customers and employees

Neil Padley

Head of Finance


Jennie Milne

General Manager, Human Resources


11:00 am - 11:30 am Outsourcing Vs. Automation: Finding a Good Working Balance
Tim Johnson - Head of Operations Service Delivery Suncorp
After the hype of automation in recent years, the community seems to be at a consensus that the best way forward is balancing outsourcing and offshoring.

This session will address this in detail and highlight strategies to get the most from your shared services through outsourcing and automation.
  • Mapping out your processes and tasks and identifying which ones to automate and which ones to outsource
  • Encouraging your outsourcing partners to automate to derive increased value from them
  • Ensuring a seamless collaboration between the two
  • Discussing the next steps in the offshoring and automation collaboration

Tim Johnson

Head of Operations Service Delivery

11:30 am - 11:35 am Chance to Swap Streams

Group 4


11:35 am - 12:05 pm Case Study: Exploring an ERP Implementation across 11 Countries, 8 Jurisdictions, 12,000 Employees and 4 Languages with a 97% Uptake
Melinda Stewart - Group Head of People Connect Lend Lease
The need for a better user experience, data analytics and a holistic view of the organization kick started the ERP implementation across performance, compensation and pay roll. This is part of a push towards self service and automation and has been rolled out to eliminate employee pain points, consolidate hire to retire and enhance mobility.
  • Identifying and eliminating employee pain points for a better user experience
  • Reviewing capability and stabilizing the platform
  • Optimizing uptake: Getting executive sponsorship and curating hands-on workshops

Melinda Stewart

Group Head of People Connect
Lend Lease


11:35 am - 12:05 pm Leading Finance Teams of the Future, Today
Louise Higgins - Chief Financial and Corporate Officer ABC
This session focuses on getting the transformation right from the beginning by taking the time necessary to understand team members’ goals and how they can align to the goals of the organisation. It will highlight a new change management program that is working on improving people capability while transitioning into a more automated and digital world.
  • Discussing how the work of finance is changing
  • Focusing on what skills our people will need to build into the future
  • Changing our leadership to adapt to the Finance Team of the Futures new reality

Louise Higgins

Chief Financial and Corporate Officer


11:35 am - 12:05 pm Panel Discussion: Lessons Learnt in Outsourcing, Offshoring and Near Shoring: Selecting the Best Model and Planning the Best Transition
James Galvin - Finance Manager Sandvik Mining and Construction
In this session he will explore the learnings, the challenges faced and wins experienced in end-to-end business process outsourcing. He will delve into the things he wish he question and the questions he should have asked in the outset.
  • Understanding the complexity of outsourcing and offshoring
  • Investigating the importance of the right governance and controls before embarking on a business process outsourcing journey
  • Lift & Shift Vs. A Staggered Approach
  • Cost Arbitrage Vs. Efficiencies
  • A Case for Near Shoring

James Galvin

Finance Manager
Sandvik Mining and Construction


11:35 am - 12:05 pm Panel Discussion: A Warts and All Look and Being a Leader in the Current Shared Services Environment
It isn’t easy being a shared services leader. It demands diligence and great technical skills but also an eye on emerging technology and great people skills. This session will bring together SSO leaders who will shared the good, bad and the ugly of leading major transformation and running business as usual. They will share advice on what to do and what not to do.
  • Leading a transformation Vs. Managing business as usual
  • Keeping up with new technology
  • Managing the shift from transactional skills to valueadd skills


11:35 am - 12:05 pm Levering Automation and Robotics to Drive Greater Efficiencies for your BPO Partner
Markoss Martina has done a significant amount of work BPOs focused on transformation, business process improvement, operations excellence, workflow, robotics and cognitive automation.In this session he will address collaborating with your BPO partner to drive greater cost savings and efficiencies.
  • Creating an automation framework: What to automate and what not to automate
  • Addressing the challenges presented by non-captive BPOs: Data ownership and cannabalizing revenue
  • Reevaluating costing and pricing structures

12:05 pm - 12:10 pm Chance to Swap Streams

Group 6


12:10 pm - 12:40 pm Identifying Opportunities for Greater Efficiency and Optimising Technology to Decrese Employee Reliance on Business Partners
Michael Crouch - Head of People Services Ausgrid
Having been privatized 12 months ago, HR service delivery is undergoing a hug transformation. Technology and process improvement are at the core of this with the end goal of decreasing reliance on business partners and consultants – driving self service and sing touch platforms. The business has already achieved a significant savings as a result. This session will explore the journey so far.
  • Conducting an Employee Lifecycle audit
  • Identifying opportunities for RPA
  • Integrating disparate systems

Michael Crouch

Head of People Services


12:10 pm - 12:40 pm BPS Partnership – Beyond the Numbers Outsourcing journey - the learnings and success
Rowena Hubble - Finance Transformation Lead and Group Financial Controller Metcash

Metcash has partnered with TCS for the accounts payable, accounts receivable and balance sheet reconciliation functions.
The session will explore how Metcash and TCS partnered to design and implement this program successfully.  The session will discuss the creation of robust processes, governance, communication and reporting in order to build and run a successful BPO.

Rowena Hubble

Finance Transformation Lead and Group Financial Controller


12:10 pm - 12:40 pm Driving Value in SSOs with a Continuous Improvement Framework
Geoff Gruebner - Head of Global Business Services BP

It is important that your SSO is constantly evolving, setting the bar for excellence even higher. How do you find new opportunities for added efficiencies? This session finds out:
-          Developing a CI framework that is aligned with your strategies and outcomes
-          Engaging your employees
-          Measuring and reporting: Defining the parameters for success

Geoff Gruebner

Head of Global Business Services


12:10 pm - 12:40 pm Balancing Agility and Governance to Effectively Deliver to Customer Expectations Whilst Navigating Massive Change
Lori Burdon - Director,Portfolio and Change Queensland Shared Services
This session will highlight the balancing act of effectively responding to the Machinery of Government changes and maintaining high levels of service delivery. The Department is currently working on implementing system changes and shifts related to MOG changes. In the past all other optimisation and/ or enhancement work is put on hold as we worked our way through the system releases just for MOG changes.
This year, we are proposing a new way of working that is more agile whilst maintaining appropriate governance and customer engagement. We have called the project “MORE” MOG, Optimisation, Release evolution.
  • Balancing the MOG changes with BAU
  • Keeping the customer at the centric
  • Lesson learnt and opportunities for improvement

Lori Burdon

Director,Portfolio and Change
Queensland Shared Services


12:10 pm - 12:40 pm Reframing the Benefits of RPA: Freeing up Time to Improve Customer Interaction, Process Improvement and Innovation
Chris Howes - General Manager – Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) Incitec Pivot Limited
Having started their RPA journey in 2016 with a proof of concept, the business decided to build in-house capability rather than engage with third party consultants. Primarily in a bid the move away from the negativity surrounding their RPA proposition of eliminating FTEs. Their journey rather focused on the optimizing the value resulting from time freed up from low value, repetitive tasks. It enabled employees to focus on process improvement and customer interaction, however it is an ongoing journey that continues to evolve. This is particularly beneficial for a flat organization, where you have people working on a variety of different tasks and complexities rather than being focused on a specific function.

This session will highlight the reframing process, delve into major milestones and
  • Reframing the RPA Journey – focusing on value add
  • Defining how value add translates in the business and for different functions
  • Building RPA capability internally
  • Setting up a systemic self sustaining model
  • Scaling RPA I the business and identifying new opportunities

Chris Howes

General Manager – Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)
Incitec Pivot Limited

12:40 pm - 1:40 pm Networking lunch

Group 3


1:40 pm - 2:10 pm A Shift in Operating Model for HR Services From a Decentralised Business Partner focused Setup to a Centralised, Single Contact Centre
Mark Ashton - General Manager, People Support The Warehouse
This session will highlight the milestones and challenges of moving 12,000 people across xx brands to a single HR services contact centre. The was driven by the need to streamline processes for employees with a single HR touch point. The shift from a Business Partner model has not been an easy one and there have been a lot of lessons learnt. But some of the wins have been the efficiencies and tie savings. This session will look at the laying down the ground work, SLAs and effectively managing the change.
  • Setting up the contact centre
  • Managing the change
  • Measuring success

Mark Ashton

General Manager, People Support
The Warehouse


8:00 am - 8:30 am Review framework for stabilisation and continuous improvement
Jessie Wu - Financial Controller, Corporate and Shared Services Mirvac

Go live date marks the end of the offshore project but really represents the beginning of the offshore journey. Having the right review framework plays an essential role to ensure the stabilisation and continuous improvement of both the offshore and onshore team. This session will discuss the review framework Mirvac has developed over the last two years to
-           resolve the challenges since go live;  and
-           take the onshore and offshore team’s performance to the next level.
The framework include 5 pillars:
1.       Validate Solution Design
2.       Measurement and Metrics
3.       Operating Model
4.       Governance & Coordination
5.       Commercial Model 

Jessie Wu

Financial Controller, Corporate and Shared Services


1:40 pm - 2:10 pm Reassessing Pricing and Costing Models in Light of Increased Digitisation and Other Changes
As delivery models develop and automation and robotics are injected into SSO it is time to revaluate pricing to ensure that it is effective and incentivises quality over quantity.
  • Investigating pricing for your end-to-end processes
  • User feedback: Does it incentivise quality and efficiency
  • Revisiting metrics and KPIs and overcoming arbitrary pricing


1:40 pm - 2:10 pm Why True Business Transformation starts with Personal Transformation First
Glinder Bayley - Head of Finance George Weston Foods
You could have all the right processes and systems in place but your transformation would be fraught with problems if you didn’t address the people element and have a strong change management strategy in place. As a leader of Business Transformation you are not just a strategist but you also need a to be a change agent and personal transformation and branding are key to success.
  • Defining what personal transformation means to you?
  • Conducting an honest evaluation of your pros and cons
  • Creating a network of influencers to drive your transformation journey

Glinder Bayley

Head of Finance
George Weston Foods


1:40 pm - 2:10 pm Harnessing Intelligent Automation: Moving From Concept to Scale and Navigating the Associated Challenges
Michelle Hannan-Brown - Manager Process Engineering Westpac New Zealand
This session will explore the scope of IA in SSO.
  • The technology is proven, proof of concepts completed – what’s the next major hurdle?
  • How to bring the technology to scale: Buy vs. build – what is the decision tree? Is it a binary choice or is there a hybrid approach?
  • What is your data strategy and how does it enable your IA strategy?
  • What are the geopolitical, social and ethical considerations of automation?

Michelle Hannan-Brown

Manager Process Engineering
Westpac New Zealand

2:10 pm - 2:15 pm Chance to Swap Streams

Group 3


2:15 pm - 2:45 pm Playing Catch-Up: Transforming your HR Shared Services with a New Operating Model to Free Up Resources and Focus on Core Tasks
This organisation were a bit late to the SSO party and are currently in the midst of moving to a service tiered model. Their aim is to increase consistency of reporting , policy and procedures. They are developing applicant tracking, learning management and case management tools.
This session will share their journey so far.
  • Opening dialogue with other organisations to learn from their insights and mistakes
  • Setting up intuitive systems to optimise benefits realisation
  • How to launch things quickly in the absence of technology
  • Ensuring that data is secure in light of increasing digitisation


2:15 pm - 2:45 pm Accelerating your Process Standardisation to Optimise Efficiency in Setting up your Finance Shared Services
Process standardisation is key to the success of setting up an SSC. However it is also the most tedious. This session lifts the lid on some of the top lessons learnt from SSC veterans. Listen in to ensure you don’t waste time making the same mistakes and allow yourself the chance to leapfrog that maturity curve.
  • Defining the level and standard that are needed for optimise your SSC journey
  • Leading a gap analysis and cutting out the waste
  • Engaging with process owners to get them up to speed
  • Deciding on whether on not to engage with Process Excellence leaders
This session focuses on getting the transformation right from the beginning by taking the time necessary to understand team members’ goals and how they can align to the goals of the organisation.

It will highlight the design and planned transition to a new shared services model that enhances people capability and internal connectivity, supporting a path to a more automated and client-focused environment.
Through reviewing the University’s journey so far, this session will explore:
  • How the work of finance is changing, and how this impacts service delivery models
  • Skills our people will need to build into the future
  • The design process for developing a new shared services model

Karma Auden

Director, Finance and Business Services
University of Canberra


Melissa Hankinson

Deputy Director, Quality and Service Improvement
University of Canberraa


2:15 pm - 2:45 pm Driving Customer Centric Business Transformation Using Lean Principles, Automation and Other Key Levers to Optimise Value
There are several different approaches to business transformation. The key is identifying the levers that actually add value and eliminate waste. Whether it is lean, automation or outsourcing it is critical that you unlock the right balance. This session will explore building lean capability; introducing automation capability and outsourcing back office functions. Success also depends on ensuring that the customer is at the centre by keeping tabs on the Voice of the Customer.
  • Establish your customer engagement strategy
  • Digitising your customer journey
  • Developing a customer centric culture
  • How great does service need to be?


2:15 pm - 2:45 pm Streamlining Knowledge Processes through Cognitive and Intelligent Automation
Most SSOs have already either implemented or were in the pilot stage of RPA. Now the benefits of transactional automation have been proven, its time to examine the next layer:
  • Practical applications of cognitive technology
  • Which processes best suit cognitive and intelligent automation application?
  • Mitigating the risk of automating business critical and customer facing activities
  • Keeping data safe and secure

2:45 pm - 2:50 pm Chance to Swap Streams

Group 5


2:50 pm - 3:20 pm Re-Evaluating and Updating Your HR Policies and Procedures: Mapping them Out, Identifying Gaps and Effectively Communicating this to the Organisation
HR Shared Services are in a unique position, having access to HR data and crossorganisational data as well.
This session will explore the arduous task to improving the transparency and understanding of the group policy and procedures. Although it may seem like a box-ticking exercise it is crucial to risk management and delivering a good employee experience.
  • Mapping out your policies and procedures for all endto-end processes from Hire to Retire to On boarding
  • Developing a suitable methodology and effectively collaborating with process architects
  • Understanding the impact of automation and robotics
  • Finding a balance between diligence and time constraints


2:50 pm - 3:20 pm How Finance and Procurement have become an Active Business Partner in Driving Business Performance
The Manakua Institute of Technology succeeded in leaps and bounds from an organisational set back in 2013. This session will address finance and procurement has played a major role in this, going from a compliance focus to becoming business partners.
This session will highlight the restructuring undertaken to increase added value and enhancing the portfolio.
  • Investigating business partnering strategies and finding the best fit for the business
  • Gearing up the finance and procurement strategy for a restructure: Devising a plan and communicating it with your staff
  • Cutting through the chaos and staying on track


4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Re-Engineering Processes and Implementing Fit for Purpose Design in Light of Significant Organisational Change
John Hubby - Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services Department of Family and Community Services

The Department of Family and Community Services it going through significant structural changes, going from 21,000 to 7,000 employees. This has also impacted the Corporate Services team. As a result the team has had to adapt to ensure that it continues offer high quality and consistent services across its portfolio of Finance, IT and HR. Part of this has involved embracing business partnering, outsourcing and self service. The changes have called for a re-evaluation of processes with the Department using co-design and adopting new performance measures. This session will discuss:
-          Establishing a holistic view of the organization, shared services and end-to-end processes
-          Applying co-design principles to adapt processes to the structural changes
-          Rethinking and refreshing governance

John Hubby

Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services
Department of Family and Community Services


2:50 pm - 3:20 pm What to Avoid When Pursuing Improved Customer Experience in Shared Services
Quality customer experience is anything but a sure thing and most organizations are far less successful than they may want to be. In shared services, which services thousands of customers, quality customer experience is becoming an imperative.

This session discusses common pitfalls to avoid when embarking on this quest for quality.


2:50 pm - 3:20 pm The Next Steps in the RPA Journey: Digitising and Automating More Processes and Introducing Machine Learning
RPA has been a major focus of SSOW 2017 reflecting a trend towards automation. What is the next step, what happens once you have run a successful pilot and fully automated a process? This session will highlight how to replicate success and learn from your failings. It will also look at implementing machine learning and the challenges of IP ownership.
  • What other processes and tasks can be automated: Creating an automation checklist
  • Addressing the impact of increasing automation on your workforce: Re-skilling them for growing digitisation
  • Understanding the challenges presented by IP ownership

3:20 pm - 3:50 pm Afternoon Tea

3:50 pm - 4:20 pm Process Simplification and User Centricity: Removing Complexity and Freeing Up Capacity for High Value Tasks

Anna Ng - Head of HR shared Services ANZ
With cumbersome and time consuming processes, simplification and user centricity  holds the key to significant time efficiencies. This session will explore applying human centered design principles and agile methologies to reduce the volume of internal processes, cut down on hands off and massively decrease cycle time. Therefore freeing up transaction capacity to focus on higher value tasks and creating a more seamless experience for the end user by eliminating pain points. 
  • Identifying and eliminating pain points
  • Using existing data from calls and emails and engaging with the end user to simplify processes

Anna Ng

Head of HR shared Services

4:20 pm - 4:50 pm Redefining Skills and Capabilities for the Evolution of Shared Services - From Transactional to Value Add

A significant number of organisations have built their shared services teams based on transactional skills. As SSO moves up the value curve it is important to understand how the core skillset can evolve from transactional skills to value adding capabilities. This session will bring together Shared Service Leaders who will discuss the following:
  • Identifying the key skills of the transactionally incline and those who drive value add to the function
  • Investigating strategies to bridge this gap
  • Enriching your workforce to be innovative and collaborative